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Year Of AwardTitleFunding AgencyName Of The Consortium LeaderCountry of Implementationcountry_hfiltersector_hfilter
2020Strengthening the Capacities of CFCU Montenegro for Management and Implementation of EU fundsECAlternative Consultingmontenegroeu-integration
2017Revision of the Master Plans for Urban Wastewater Measures and preparation of a First Draft Directive Specific Implementation Plan for the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive 91/271/EECEUAGRECOmontenegroenvironment-and-climate-change
2015Preparation of the National Environmental Approximation StrategyEUAGRECOmontenegroenvironment-and-climate-change
2017Development of Environmental Infrastructure Audit and Affordability studyEUAGRECOmontenegroenvironment-and-climate-change
2018Support and Technical Expertise to Oversight the Implementation of the “EU for Digital in Armenia” ProjectEUDanish Managementarmeniadigital-technologies
2017Assessment of Ukraine’s e-governance policy framework in the light of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and cyber-security challenges’’EUDanish Managementukrainedigital-technologies
2017Upgrade of Albanian Government gatewayEUDanish Managementalbaniadigital-technologies
2016Update of the Technical Specifications for Web-Portal and the Modernisation of the IT System of the State Statistics Service of UkraineEUDanish Managementukrainedigital-technologies
2016Elaboration of an action plan a monitoring plan for the Public Finance Management Reform ProgrammeEUDFCmontenegropublic-finance
2016Strengthening the capacities in finance, contract management and in FIDIC rules of Montenegrin AuthoritiesEUDFCmontenegropublic-finance
2015Providing Assessment (Pre-accreditation review) on behalf of the NAO of Serbia regarding IPARD II accreditationEUDFCserbiapublic-finance
2015Technical assistance for testing the functionality and the interconnectivity of the Customs IT Systems in the Customs AdministrationEUDanish Managementnorth-macedoniadigital-technologies
2015Support to Public Debt Management Department of the Ministry of FinanceEUDFCarmeniapublic-finance
2019Additional development of EU environment approximation for air, chemicals and horizontal acquisEUExpertise Advisors in consortium with CITEPA, INERIS and Alternative Consultingserbiaenvironment-and-climate-change
2019Technical Assistance to the operating structure for the SECTORAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR EMPLOYMENT, EUCATION AND SOCIAL POLICIES (SOPEES)EUAlternative Consulting in consortium with Expertise Advisors and ICEmontenegroeu-integration
2017Prevention and fight against corruption SerbiaEUPWC in consortium with RUR and Alternative Consultingserbiagood-governance home-affairs
2017Development and re-engineering of business processes of the new tax integrated IT systemEUDanish Managementnorth-macedoniadigital-technologies
2017Strengthening the Capacity of Albanian Audit AuthorityEUDFCalbaniapublic-finance
2018“Preparation of Technical Specification and related services for supply of equipment for implementation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Data System –phase 2”EUDanish Managementnorth-macedoniadigital-technologies home-affairs
2018Enhanced capacities of Supreme Court of CassationEUBritish Council in consortium with 4 Digits consulting and Alternative Consultingserbiajustice-reform
2018Support to the national authorities for effective fulfilment of the conditions stipulated in the financing agreements and audit findings regarding the implementation of IPA II assistanceEUDT Globalnorth-macedoniadigital-technologies public-finance
2018Support to Commission for State Aid ControlEUAlternative Consulting in consortium with DMI France and the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania.serbiacompetition-and-state-aid eu-integration
2016Technical assistance to the Justice sectorEUDanish Managementserbiadigital-technologies justice-reform