The overall objective of this project was to improve the administrative capacities of the Public Revenue Office (PRO) and to develop further effective business processes on which basis the new integrated IT system will be built, and at same time to ensure cost effectiveness of expenditures for tax collection and better quality services to taxpayers and third parties.

The re-engineering (mapping) of business processes in PRO will enable development of simple, user – friendly, cost-efficient procedures aligned with the taxpayers requirements, government agencies, third parties and EU standards; timely preparation of the tax administration for implementation of new integrated IT system through defining the business requirements and preparation of technical specification; and building of PROs staff capacities to manage business processes and deal with unforeseen (risk) events and changes.
The specific objectives of this assignment were:

  • To carry out an analysis, modelling and assessment of the current situation of the PRO IT system;
  • To re-design and re-engineer processes in order to establish a functionally- integrated PRO IT system in line
    with EU standards and requirments;
  • To design a new model of the integrated IT system of the PRO;
  • To develop technical specification for implementation of the PRO’s new integrated IT system, based on
    performed BPR.