The objective of the project was to facilitate the implementation of the environmental legislation in the area of water management related to UWWTD 91/271/EEC. Within the framework of this project, it was proposed to prepare the revision of the two Master Plans taking into account affordability analysis so as to integrate these aspects into revised Investment Plans for the two Master Plans for the period 2018 – 2035, hence to be included in the DSIP. Considering the fact that the implementation and enforcement of the environmental legislation is a lengthy process, the investments must be sequenced in accordance with the affordability limitations. The DSIP had to provide a valuable analysis for improving the planning in UWWTD measure implementation, taking into consideration that full implementation of UWWTD will require a transition period upon Accession to the EU.

The specific objectives of the project were to prepare:

  • A consolidated Master Plan for Waste Water Management covering the entire territory of Montenegro, based on the revision and update of the two existing Master Plans, for the upcoming period of 2018 -2035;
  • First draft DSIP for UWWTD 91/271/EEC.