Public finance

Support to Public Debt Management Department of the Ministry of Finance

The general objective of this project is to support the GoA to overcome the shortcomings revealed by Debt Management Performance Assessment to fulfil the strategy objectives in order to strengthen public debt management capabilities. The specific objective is to provide technical assistance to the Public Debt Management Department (PDMD) under the guidance of its Director

Strengthening the Capacity of Albanian Audit Authority

This assignment aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Albanian Audit Authority (AA) to carry out its duties. The services included: The support to the revision of the Workload Assessment (WLA),The revision of the AA Audit Manual,The delivery of trainings,The support to the preparation of strategic documents,the support for the preparation of IT Strategy for

Support to the national authorities for effective fulfilment of the conditions stipulated in the financing agreements and audit findings regarding the implementation of IPA II assistance

The objective of this IPA funded project was to further develop an effective and efficient management and control system for the implementation of the IPA II programmes and to support the effective implementation of the recommendations/ conditions stated in the audit reports by the European Commission. The assignment consisted of providing support to the beneficiaries